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Tonight’s episode of The Ultimate Fighter features Ronda Rousey’s mother, Dr. AnnMaria De Mars – a favorite of Fightlinker’s since before Ronda got MMA famous. De Mars isn’t one to stay silent in the face of bullshit drama, and she recently posted this up on her blog in defense of those who thought her daughter was coming off ‘bitchy’ on The Ultimate Fighter:

From the fraction of the entire time I observed, it appeared that Ronda was taunted quite a bit without being allowed to respond, with a deliberate intent to create  a certain image for television.  Maybe they’ll show some of that on the episode, maybe not. For those of you who say she cries too much – she’s always cried like that all of her life. Who the hell are you people  to enforce a crying quota? If she cries over sad movies, happy endings and losing her car keys, what’s it to you? I’m the opposite of that. I’ve cried three times in the last twenty years, and one of those was when Ronda’s father died. So, she can have my share of the quota and it averages out.

People are sometimes offended by Ronda because she does not fit how they think she should act. At Ronda’s age, given the same degree of provocation, I would have punched out a few people, hit someone with a chair, told everyone to fuck off and walked out. This is why our family cannot do a reality TV show. So, no, I am the LAST person to ask don’t I think she should behave differently.

Some of those same people will argue, “I don’t care what the instigation, you should never  —- ” fill in the blank. They are entitled to their opinions. I am equally entitled to my opinion that they have their heads up their asses.

And Dr AnnMaria isn’t afraid to share those opinions, which is part of why I’m interested in tonight’s episode. Not like I expect a Bravo level reality show brawl or anything – just some of her sneaky, manipulative Nietzsche-esque training tactics and that sarcastic grit old people like De Mars and Clint Eastwood exude that makes everyone in our generation feel like soft ass piles of cookie dough.