Our favorite part of the Ronda Rousey All Access show was where we learn that Ronda lives in a shithole of a house. Not only that, but she actively adds to the shitholiness with her slobby ways. A woman of the people! So it is with sadness that I announce her ghetto pad is being torn down:

It’s not an apartment, it’s a house. We’re not cleaning it up at all because they’re selling it and the house is in escrow and they’re going to tear it down to the ground. It’s really sad because that house is like … it used to be part of the area where they were building the Los Angeles Freeway. It’s that old that it was cheaper to move the house to a different plot of land than to build a new house, you know? That’s how old it is and they’re going to level it to the ground. So we’re all like whatever, we’re just going to throw stuff at the walls until we leave then since you guys are gonna knock the place down.

Maybe we can get a petition going with the city to save this important historic house. Not only has it been around since the freeway expansion, but Olympic bronze medalist Ronda Rousey’s dogs have pissed and shit on the carpet! If that doesn’t mean anything to you, you don’t care about our rich culture and heritage.

Oh, wallpaper on the floor. I’ll miss you most of all!