While poking around ESPNW (their sports site for women) looking for more Body Issue nudity, I stumbled upon this interesting article detailing one of the unique issues with being a professional sportswoman: keeping them titties in check.

MINUTES AFTER Ronda Rousey bounded into the Octagon this past February for the first women’s fight in UFC history, she found herself grappling with two formidable opponents. The first was former Marine Liz Carmouche, who was suddenly suctioned to Rousey’s back, strangling her and twisting her head. The second was her low-cut black crop top, whose elastic spaghetti straps were no match for Carmouche’s moves.

In a last-minute mishap, handlers had failed to order Rousey a formidable fight-night bra and instead handed her one of the light-as-air chest coverings she usually wears for weigh-in. Now that teensy swath of fabric was the only thing standing between Rousey’s goods and 13,000 onlookers at the Honda Center in Anaheim, Calif. — and it was inching closer and closer to the mat.

“When someone’s on your back trying to rip your head off, things tend to slip around a bit,” Rousey says. After one failed attempt at a wardrobe adjustment, she switched her focus to freeing herself from the choke hold “so she wouldn’t snap my neck in half.” As soon as she flipped Carmouche to the floor, Rousey went straight for her own neckline. Bad move: “I got kicked straight in the chest right as I was trying to adjust my bra.”

Rousey eventually finished Carmouche with her signature armbar. But the rumble over the bra had only just begun. Online commentators asked whether the UFC’s new female fighters required a dress code to fight modestly. Others immortalized the near nip slip as an ever-refreshing animated GIF.

Aaaaw, so nice that they noticed our Ronda Nip Slip Gifs (SEO bling bling). But you’d swear they were almost talking down on us, which is strange considering right next to that paragraph they tout ‘Female athletes take measures to contain their chests – HD Gallery’, and yup there’s a pic of Rousey almost falling out of her sportsbra, alongside a shot of NFL offensive tackle Andre Smith, who “became known for his man boobs after he ran a shirtless 40 at Pro Day in 2009.” Dayum, ESPNW. Now us men have a little taste of what it’s like to be physically denigrated by asshole sports writers.