Loretta Hunt has an awesome profile on our favorite arm-snapping judo-slinging female fighter, Ronda Rousey. There’s a lot of interesting stuff you don’t know about her in there, some awesome, some really messed up, and some just surprising like this:

Of any fighter, it’s fitting that Rousey knows the value of making her voice be heard — she couldn’t put together coherent sentences until the age of six.

Rousey was born with her umbilical cord wrapped around her neck; her body was blue and she wasn’t breathing. She was revived in the delivery room, but when her communicative skills quickly fell behind the norm, the doctors thought she’d suffered brain damage or that she might be deaf.

When she began to talk, Rousey’s words were jumbled and she was sent to speech therapy classes. Frustration was a daily occurrence, as nobody could understand her.

Rousey’s father saw the potential bubbling beneath his daughter’s stifled communication, though. He often called Ronda a “sleeper,” and told her that she’d show everybody someday. Rousey’s speech gradually improved.

Just one more way Ronda and I are totally alike. They thoght I was ratarded to, but i showed them.