After years of listening to close minded morons on how no one wants to see Women’s MMA and how it will never take off, we now have some more great data that proves otherwise. Ronda Rousey isn’t just a draw, she’s already sitting at the #5 draw spot in the UFC according to Dave Meltzer:

Dave claims that DirecTV is stating that no other UFC PPV show has ever sold more buys for the High Definition telecast than UFC 157 drew. The early web PPV buys UFC got for the show led them to think the show would draw 300,000 PPV buys but momentum grew and then they started feeling that the show could hit the 500,000 PPV buy mark.

The belief is that Ronda was able to attract a different kind of PPV audience — one more affluent and female. However, the live audience at the Anaheim Pond was still 80% guys and pretty much standard UFC event far.

Jack Encarnacao asked where Ronda Rousey ranks as a UFC PPV draw, given that she’s a bigger attraction than Frankie Edgar, Dan Henderson, Urijah Faber, and Ben Henderson. Dave said Rousey/Carmouche out-drew Anderson Silva/Stephan Bonnar and was parallel to the Jon Jones/Vitor Belfort fight. The fight had some novelty appeal and drew way more media coverage than any other UFC fight.

“I suspect Ronda (will be) no worse than the #5 draw in the company if she continues to win.” Dave says that one UFC company source believes Ronda can draw 700,000 PPV buys a fight if she continues her winning streak over the next year. Dave says it’s a “wait and see” situation regarding whether or not Ronda can regularly draw more than 400,000 PPV buys per fight.

All it will take is a few more big draws for Ronda Rousey and some great performances from the other girls signed to the UFC and women’s MMA will be cemented in the UFC and just as valid as the other weightclasses. At that point, an argument could be made that we’re the most forward thinking and open sport on earth. Wouldn’t that be crazy?