Ronda Rousey continues her interactions with Hollywood, but istead of threatening to beat up Kim Kardashian, this time she’s holding mitts for Carmen Electra. Tito Couture (an interesting new UFC celeb-blog by the people who brought you Terez Owens) share some pics from the get together and I gotta hand it to Ronda. She went in there with a p4p hotness legend and whupped her ass. As in her ass totally whups Electra’s ass in these photos.

What do you even call the part of the cheek that’s sticking out of Ronda’s pants in this shot? Muffin-top is no good. That expression is meant for gross fatbutt spilling out the top of overly tight pants. Not these luscious orbs of sculpted marble.

And look at this shot. What amazing futurepants are these? And when do we proles get access to this technology?