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While it should be obvious to anyone not suffering from mild autism that there are appropriate and inappropriate times to talk about sex, there are still some people who think Ronda Rousey was in the wrong after telling a fan off for asking her about pre-fight sex. In their view, Ronda should accept this kinda behavior because she answers these questions on talkshows, plus occasionally shows up in magazines like Maxim.

The guys on the Highly Questionable show asked her about the incident and here was her response:

“That guy was obnoxious through the whole press conference. He was screaming and trying to get up on stage to do a stare-down with Jon Jones. He was like going up and pushing people and saying, ‘Sign my head!’ I was trying to get to other people and not paying attention, and he was screaming, and he was like, ‘How many times do you have sex before a fight?’ And I was just like come on dude, I’m just up here trying to do my job,” Rousey said. “I’m trying to accommodate everybody.

“I told him if your mother was standing there right behind you, would you feel comfortable saying that to me right now?”

Rousey went on to explain that in the context of her past interviews, when that question came up, she understood it and answered because that’s the nature of interviews. It’s not the same when a fan decides to ask those questions in an informal setting.

“In all those interviews where I would talk about sex, if my mom was in the room, she would laugh her ass off. Anything I feel comfortable saying in front of my mother, but those were in a professional environment where I’m (answering) questions,” Rousey explained.

“If I knew a porn star, and they were at work and they’ve got all kinds of things in their face, but if I met them on the street I wouldn’t walk up to them and be like, ‘So how was it having a hot dog in your face yesterday?’ No, it’s disrespectful. Even though that’s what they do for a living, I wouldn’t do that.”

I hope that clears things up a little bit – leave the creepy questions to the professionals so Ronda can tittilate us all while still maintaining an appropriate comfort level for herself in the outside world. Be a decent fan and keep your sleazy perv thoughts to the internet where they belong.

Oh yeah baby. Ronda Rousey loves double fisting hot steamy meat in her mouth after beating up women.