I’ve tried to be reasonable with the number of Ronda Rousey posts on Fightlinker these past few months. I know I have ‘A Problem.’ But now that her fight is a mere two weeks away, I’m lifting the restriction on Rousey-related postings. Which means you’re going to be reading tons of interesting snippets about Ronda, including her thoughts on being a ‘one trick pony’:

“When people say that I’m a one trick pony and only have the one armbar, they don’t realize that I have so many setups to that armbar that I don’t even know them all – I’ll make them up on the fly. When you’re watching boxing and you see somebody knock someone out with a right hand every time, they’re not like ‘oh, they’re a one trick pony.’ No, they have a billion different setups for that right hand. And just because it ended with a right hand on the face, it doesn’t mean it’s the same thing every time. And just because so many people are unfamiliar with grappling and they just see the armbar ending the same, they assume the setup’s the same, but if you look back at all those fights, I’ve jumped into that armbar from many different positions. It ends the same way, but the setups are always different. So they can prepare for a certain setup, but I’m always gonna think of more.”

Ronda’s mom literally jumped her while she slept and forced her to learn armbars while being half-awake. How are you supposed to compete against someone whose mother scarred them to that degree – in a way that makes them awesome at mixed martial arts? We may have to wait until some Austrian raises a child locked in a tiny room with nothing but a heavybag for 20 years before Ronda is gonna have any competition.