rondahotmeat is one of the strange new breeds of news website where anyone can apply to write about a topic and make a few cents off the traffic articles produce. Not a terrible thing in and of itself but slightly problematic when it looks like an official news source and the stuff you write isn’t edited and doesn’t have to be accurate. And when you’re writing to generate traffic rather than a desire to make your readers better informed … well then you end up with headlines like ‘Ronda Rousey put hot meat in her mouth to celebrate UFC 157 victory.’

The article has been toned down after a general outcry, but MiddleEasy has the original in all its glory. Here are some highlights / lowlights:

According to a Feb. 25 report from MMA Fighting, Ronda Rousey put hot, steamy meat in her mouth to celebrate her UFC 157 victory over Liz Carmouche.

Rousey had apparently been craving tender, juicy meat throughout her training camp, but she wasn’t allowed to indulge because she had to worry about contractual weight requirements.

Once the ‘W’ was secured and the fight was over, Rousey was finally able to suck on some delicious bones, as her camp explained that she feasted in her private hotel room following UFC 157.

The penis double entendres! They’re everywhere!

Now I’m not about to shit all over the person who wrote this because it’s exactly the kind of thing I’d write after a beer or four. I’m just glad that I found an entertaining (and traffic generating) way to bring up Ronda Rousey’s love of buffalo wings. Stuffing her face with them is a post-competition tradition going back years, and she even made a post fight pilgrimage to the Anchor Bar in Buffalo New York where the Buffalo Wing was born.

To say she’s a fan is an understatement. If there’s something that is gonna steal Ronda away from MMA, it’s not gonna be Hollywood. Well, maybe it will be. But the real reason behind that will be her desire to stuff her face with wings.