Despite being polite enough not to break Sarah D’Alelio’s arm in half, Ronda Rousey would like you to know the only face she’ll show as the Face of Women’s MMA is her real face, and surprise! That face can be gettin’ all up in your face bitchy styles:

“When I was in the Olympics and I was representing the United States I had to be very proper, like, yes, this is the right thing to say and I won’t say anything about how I think [George] Bush is a retard,” Rousey said. “I’m just going to go say what they want me to say and look bright and shiny and go win.

“But doing MMA, you’re representing yourself. You’re not representing your country. I feel like what women’s MMA needs is not some nice girl. Everyone’s playing the nice card and they’re not willing to go under any kind of criticism and I really feel that that’s not what we need if we want to get as much exposure as possible. We need someone more like a Tito Ortiz-type personality — not that I’m trying to be that much of a d–k, no offense to Tito. But I want to be one of those people who people either love then or hate them and groups of people actually have heated discussions about it. I want there to be attention on the sport, and if I have to attract some bad attention to get that, then fine I’ll be willing to be that person.”

Not that Rousey is exactly new to being a bit of a renegade, she admitted. Like most male fighters, she did her share of fighting outside of a sporting context, even if it only brought her trouble.

“I’ve never gotten away with a fight in my entire life. I even got jumped by a bunch of guys once and I beat them up, and they sued me for assault. Every fight I got into in school, I always got a suspension or community service, and it’s just never been worth it to me. If I could get in a fight without there being legal repercussions, I would be in a fight every single day. I don’t go out to clubs at all, because I know if someone grabs my a– I’ll punch them in the face.”

I love how she is both so uber-legit with her Olympic credentials, plus a total badass in real life. What I would have given to be a fly on the wall when she judo-slammed that gang of guys all over the pavement. And then a fly on the wall when she said “Oh, destroying douchebags is sweaty work, time for a steamy shower!” Baw-Chika-Wah-Wah.