It’s been a weird year for Ronda Rousey. She became a trailblazing and beloved UFC champ and superstar, scored some movie roles, coached a season of TUF, and – when everyone got to see her on camera – became pretty reviled for being somewhat of a tool. Of course, what we see on a highly-edited reality show is likely the farthest thing from what we’d see with our own eyes if our daily lives included interacting with the UFC’s female bantamweight champ. But that just begs the question, “Who is this Rousey chick and what makes her tick?”

Zach Arnold wrote a great article tackling this question, and since Zach is all about the pro wrestling stuff, he draws comparisons with Rousey and the legendary Ric Flair. He also goes on to say this:

Her black-and-white, “us against the world” mentality makes her the perfect champion for the UFC. If there’s one universal crime in the fight business that someone can never shake off, it’s the boring label. Ask Andre Ward all about that. Once you are tagged as being boring or a fighter who nobody has an opinion about, you’re sunk in the water.

The concern amongst both Ronda’s fans and critics is that she’s approaching Jon Jones territory, meaning that she is trapping herself with her actions & on-camera behavior to a point where there is an artificial glass ceiling for interest in buying PPVs based on fans being turned off by an awkward, stunted personality. In the cases of both Ronda Rousey & Jon Jones, the critics are arguing over one aspect: fragility. The supposed fragility of Ronda’s irrational & immature on-screen behavior juxtaposed to the fragility of Jon Jones’ seemingly vulnerable & injury-prone body after every fight. The theory of criticizing Ronda’s behavior as fragile is based on the premise that somehow the pressure of being a big star is getting to her and that she’s about to crack, which would negatively impact her future fight performance.

Is Rousey actually a fragile person? Or is she a stone-cold biotch who cares only about ripping off arms and staying the champ?

Heck if I know, but it’s something worth pondering.