It’s been a great year for women’s MMA thanks to the efforts and star power of Ronda Rousey, who’s parlayed a judo background, a penchant for armbars and a healthy dose of attitude to become the UFC’s first female bantamweight champ and, in the process, elevate the sport as a whole.

But damn, she’s either high on crack, suffering from delusions, or both. Why do I say this? Here’s Yahoo! catching her in the act of spewing gobbledygook:

“In any given moment, under the right circumstance, I think it is possible,” Rousey said of beating [Cain] Velasquez when asked if she thought she could.

“You cannot tell me that it is physically impossible. It is possible that in any given moment that I could beat him. I simply believe in my possibilities.”

Just to make sure we’re all on the same page, this is the UFC 135-pound female champ claiming that, if the stars aligned, she could defeat the UFC’s reigning heavyweight champ, a man who just finished Junior dos Santos and is nearly twice her weight.

Our friends Miriam and Webster define “insanity” as “a deranged state of mind usually occurring as a specific disorder”; “extreme folly or unreasonableness”; “something utterly foolish or unreasonable”. Yeah, that pretty much describes Rousey and her outlandish statements.

Here’s an exhaustive list of circumstances where it is possible for Rousey to defeat Velasquez:

  1. Never.

Any white knights out there want to defend Rousey’s mania?