I’m of the opinion that Ronda Rousey is acting kinda crazy leading up to the debut of TUF in order to prepare us all for the total psycho hosebeast insanity she unleashes on the show. The middle finger she threw Miesha Tate’s way during this week’s UFC World Tour was just another example of this, but Ronda insists it was for a much deeper cause: Armenian solidarity.

“You have to realize that me and Miesha already finished filming TUF so no one knows where we left off, but we do. I can’t really say too much but I think that things definitely got worse between me and her and I can’t really allude as to why so much as … she’s never going to have an Armenian fan again. And that’s kinda why I like her less. And it’s very noticeable.”

Ronda goes on to say she doesn’t expect the UFC to air even half the stuff between her and Miesha, so some of the subtle nuances as to why she treats Miesha like Hitler might be lost on viewers. Which seems like the standard excuse everyone on TUF uses when they end up coming across like real assholes. For her part, Miesha claims she’s got nothing against Armenians and any conflict was standard team vs team stuff. But I think that’s exactly the kind of thing you’d expect a Hitler to say when she knows the UFC plans to edit things to make their women’s champion look like a crazy person.

danaface(“Oh no she di’int!”)