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Dana White spent 30 minutes answering press questions leading into this weekend’s UFC 161 event and one of the subjects that came up was the first co-ed season of TUF. According to White, things are SNAFU:

Meisha and Ronda hate each other. It’s like literally crazy drama every day. It’s irritating. It’s Ken / Tito type stuff. I don’t even know if some of that stuff will make TV. It’s bad. Those two do not like each other. And their camps don’t like each other. And it’s pure mayhem every day.

When Cat Zingano beat Meisha, I sighed in relief because as entertaining as Rousey vs Tate 2 might be, the two tearing each other to shreds for 12 weeks might end up making them both look like terrible human beings. We’ve already seen Ronda Rousey go into super saiyan bitch mode during a casual conversation about Mr and Mrs Miesha Tate. What’s it going to be like when they’re in each other’s faces through the entire contest?

This season of TUF is going to be instrumental towards the success or failure of WMMA in the UFC. The last thing we need is for the two coaches to overshadow everything with never ending vitriol. Remember what Anderson Silva said, ladies: we’re all martial artists here. Let’s try and display some fuckin budo n shit.