Remember that time Rory Macdonald beat the shit out of BJ Penn for three rounds straight? Rory seemed to have the fight completely under control and could have finished it whenever he wanted. Instead, he continued to methodically wail on BJ for 15 minutes, even showboating a lil in the process. Now Rory admits what we were all thinking: that was totally on purpose.

“The B.J. fight, I was having fun just beating on him,” MacDonald told ( “He was talking a little bit of trash, so I figured I might just hurt him a little bit more.”

“Sometimes you train so hard and for so long and you only get 15 minutes max of game day for a few times a year,” MacDonald said. “So sometimes it’s nice to spend a little time in there and get hit once or twice or hit him a little more. Sometimes it’s just a little more fun. Sometimes, you just want to hurt someone and devastate their lives fast. But I only react to how I’m feeling that night.”

Y’know, I used to think MacDonald’s awkwardly evil comments were part of some fake pro wrestling persona he was trying to create for himself, the same way he was trying to drop ‘Water Boy’ and become ‘Ares.’ But when you decide to pummel an MMA legend into retirement just because you feel a little disrespected by the pre-fight shit talking, that does actually come across as legitimately psycho. It should be interesting to see how the Jake Ellenberger fight goes, considering all the twitter blasting he’s been throwing Rory’s way the past three months.