Roger Huerta got ass-whupped and then soccer kicked in the head this weekend over in ONE FC, and there’s a little bit of controversy surrounding the whole thing. You see, ONE FC doesn’t quite ban or fully allow kicks to the head of a grounded opponent. They have a strange halfsies setup. Fightsport Asia explains:

The rule system for ONE FC is very well structured and heavily thought about. Matt has explained in great detail, the rule system and key words to implement the soccer kick and knees to the downed opponent was also very well explained.

the words OPEN GUARD yelled by the referee – signifies that either fighter can then strike the downed opponent with kicks or knees.

these 2 words – OPEN GUARD were to be the one thing the fighter had to listen for before striking the downed opponent.

Matt Hume can be clearly heard throughout the entire Rodrigo Praxedes Vs Marcos Escobar fight – he is constantly yelling this OPEN GUARD command. This means the fighters are aware of what they can strike with and when…

This verbal command was put in to place to create a ‘safety measure’ for the fighters, it means that if a referee believes the fighter is ‘rocked’ or concussed/dazed and as a result is on the canvas – the opponent will NOT get the open guard attack command. Thus saving him unnecessary damage. This seems like a sensible and understandable rule.

Move forward to the Huerta V Zoro fight (see clip below) and you can clearly here Yugi Shimada yelling “No Kick, No Kick, No Kick” then the kick comes to the head of the slumped Huerta – followed by Yugi Shimada raising Zoro’s hand and declaring a winner.

I don’t know about it being ‘well structured, heavily thought about, and sensible.’ Expecting a fighter to be able to receive and interpret verbal commands from a ref halfway through a finishing strike is like expecting a dude to be able to pull out just before blowing a load in a supermodel’s cooch. We’re just not wired to be very good at that. Oftentimes the impulse to kick Roger Huerta in the face is simply too strong to resist.