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With this crazy MMA March break continuing, I think we’re all going a little twisted. Too much talk about fighting, not enough actual fighting. And half the interesting stuff going on is happening in courts instead of cages. Hell, Eric Prindle just won the Bellator heavyweight tournament without even having to fight. I figure this marks the moment where we don’t even need MMA anymore to have MMA news. The fights are the boring part anyways. DID YOU HEAR DANA WHITE CALLED BRAZIL PUSSIES????

So in memory of actual cage fightin’, here’s a bunch of highlight maker Damien’s recent highlights. The music isn’t always great but you won’t find a better collection of crazy MMA action out there.

[youtube U4uwOUzxEW8]

[youtube ZHp41L-X3EE]

[youtube nOO_66ENK_0]