A month and a half ago, Joe Riggs was fighting in Canada ‘for the right to keep his UFC contract’. He won the fight, but I guess that wasn’t enough: he’s now showing up on the next Strikeforce card at the Playboy mansion. And while it would be nice to imagine that Zuffa has grown fond of Strikeforce and is willing to share fighters with them, I seriously doubt it. My magic 8-ball says all signs point to Riggs being cut from the UFC/WEC.This is pretty significant stuff. A move to the WEC made sense for Riggs … he’s got name value and has shown sparks of greatness. I wonder what caused Zuffa brass to drop him? I suppose pulling out of his WEC debut two days before it happened was the last straw for them. Which once again goes to prove that it’s always safety first as far as Zuffa is concerned, and there’s never any pressure for injured fighters (like uuuh Hermes Franca) to do whatever it takes to fight.

**Update** Oh snap, I wuz wrong! Looks like it was Riggs himself who asked to be released from his WEC contract. So um … I take back the whole ‘Zuffa cutting people who dare to cancel because of injuries’ comment. FOR NOW!!!!!!!!!