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Rich Franklin has been an exile from the 185 pound division he used to rule ever since he was destroyed for the second time by Anderson Silva. After several fights at 195 pounds (aka the UFC’s FranklinWeight division), he finally moved up to 205 for good. Unfortunately, he looked like a frackin’ midget compared to Forrest Griffin, and probably would have given up a ton of size on the deceptively named Lil Nog if their fight was still on.

So. Any chance he might return to 185? It doesn’t sound likely:

“Yeah (middleweight is closed off forever for me). The UFC basically has told me that they’re not interested in having me fight at 185 anymore, which is the only reason why I made the move to 205 in the first place. So rather than being stuck in this no mans land at 185-pounds, at least being at 205 I can work towards the title or something like that.”

Of course, all this could change with another whupping or two at light heavyweight. Then who knows what Rich will do – drop back down, or just retire? Franklin doesn’t seem like the kind of guy who spent the good years building an exotic motorcycle collection or snorting a pool hall worth of 8-balls (although wouldn’t he be more interesting if he did?).

But it’d be nice to see him get one more run at 185 before hanging up the gloves. Who knows, maybe he could even get himself up into a position where he could get his ass kicked by Anderson Silva a third and final time? Now there’d be a retirement fight for the ages.