Hunting is one of those things that make a man feel like a man, like fixing a car, playing football, or getting drunk with your buddies and picking on skinny-jeans wearing sissies. Its man against beast out there, predator against prey. Its nature, just man has a high-tech weapon to kinda even the playing field. Some guys get all duded up with camouflage, high caliber rifles with sophisticated sights, and spray themselves with a bouquet of raccoon piss. Others just head out in a t-shirt with a bow and arrow. Rich Franklin is just such a hunter.

In this picture courtesy of TitoCouture, Rich has a cougar in his sights, and appears to be cocked back and ready to roll. Or he could just want a cool picture. Either way, Franklin is sure to get blasted by the FEMA idiots his good buddy Matt Hughes loves so much. Damn prickly animal rights hippies, they just don’t get it.