Hey, remember back in 2009 when Reza “Mad Dog” Madadi was involved in that insane cash heist involving decoy bombs, stolen police helicopters, and vaults being sawed open?  Well, he was never proven guilty for the crime, which is almost a shame considering how ballsy and awesome it was.  Since then, he’s gone 6-1 and signed with the UFC.  Mad Dog earned a cool $60k with a submission of the night win in his last fight against Michael Johnson, but apparently fighting isn’t lucrative enough to finance Madadi’s lifestyle because he’s been arrested in a good old-fashioned smash-and-grab:

One of Sweden’s most successful star athletes… is suspected for a smash-and-grab burglary on Stureplan in Stockholm.  The loot was luxury handbags worth a million kronor (SEK). The sports star, who denies charges, was arrested after a dramatic car chase.  Court documents later revealed confirmation of his arrest on May 24th, as well as his request for public defender Ivan Fialdini, who spoke on Madadi’s behalf to deny the charges brought against him.

One million kroner is roughly $150,000 USD; not a bad take when you’re fencing handbags.  Sure, it’s no stolen helicopter job, but you have to keep a low profile when you’re on the UFC lightweight roster.  Madadi was scheduled to fight Mike Chiesa in July, but a visa issue earlier in the month pulled him from the card.  You gotta make bank, somehow.

(pic via MMA Weekly)