ESPN points out how well Chael Sonnen’s taunts work:

As everyone knows, when Sonnen sets his sights on a titleholder he does so with venom in his speech. We all saw how he went after middleweight champion Anderson Silva.

He taunted Silva personally and when that didn’t have the desired effect, Sonnen turn his attention to the man’s wife, friends and country of Brazil.

The nonstop verbal assaults worked to near perfection; Silva was so hot under the collar that he jumped at the chance to get Sonnen in the cage a second time — despite submitting him the first time they met.

Except according to Dana White:

“When we did the press conference down in Brazil, Silva hadn’t even agreed to fight him,” White said. “That fight wasn’t happening. I had them bring Anderson to the place where the press conference was, and we sat in a room for three hours fighting about the fight.”

“(Silva wants to fight) anybody but Chael,” White said. “He thinks Chael is disrespectful and doesn’t deserve a shot at this title at all. So leading up to the press conference, it was delayed an hour because I was fighting with him in my room.”

Just because, ya know, history matters.