[youtube nP1xLnxFrE8]

So I was spending another evening with no pants on trawlin’ Sherdog and came across this interesting bit of 80s combat sports Canadiana from Halifax:

Allan Clarke and Chris Clarke were really big back in the day where I live. Back then where I am was the boxing capital of Canada and big shows always took place. I see Allan around sometimes, He lives fairly close and is in good shape. Heard a few weeks back he caught some kid trying to break into his shed and just one punched knocked him out cold. His brother Chris fought Dickie after this, seeking revenge for his brother he came up short to a decision loss. Chris I heard is hard on drugs and likes to show he still got it by starting shit with younger crowd downtown. Just thought I should show this too people. I never knew one of the most brutal kos i would see took place in my backyard lol. Enjoy

Come for the knockout, stay for the fine example of sportscaster mustache. And man, is the knockout brutal.