Sad news coming out of Hong Kong. Run Run Shaw, the Chinese film auteur and entertainment mogul who founded the world-famous Shaw Brothers production company, has died. He was 106-years old.

Shaw Brothers was the wildly successful studio that produced a seemingly endless supply of cheap kung fu movies for public consumption in the 1970s. But it wasn’t until 1978 when Run Run, along with his brother Run Me (seriously, those were their names) created perhaps the single greatest influence on the sport of MMA as we know it: the multi-martial arts discipline documentary “Five Deadly Venoms“.


Five Deadly Venoms tells the story of one village’s struggles with five disparate kung fu practitioners who each represent a particular style of combat – namely, the Scorpion style, the Lizard style, the Centipede style, the Snake style and the Toad style. The film was a hit both in Hong Kong and the Unites States, and it opened up the world to the idea that combat between the different fighting arts was both a viable and entertaining thing.

“Eet is a great loss to de world,” said former UFC welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre in broken English. “I remember watch-ing de film and realiz-ing dat I could fight us-ing my own ‘snail’ style.”

Said UFC president Dana White in a statement: “Poison clan rocks the fucking world!”

Mr. Shaw is survived by no one, as he was 106 and humans don’t usually live that long.