There’s no real way to give somber and serious news a snarky, Fightlinker-esque slant, so I’m just going to deliver it straight: UFC heavyweight Shane Del Rosario has died.

Del Rosario, as you might have heard, suffered a cardiac incident on November 26, and though many assumed the worst and spread rumors that he had passed, Del Rosario remained alive but unconscious since that time. His passing yesterday marked the end of the 11-2 fighter’s last great, hard-fought battle.

What caused the seemingly healthy 30-year old to have a heart attack? Doctors are now attributing it to a possible congenital heart disorder, which – given that Del Rosario had fought all over the world – was a condition that eluded the medical screening of numerous athletic commissions (and was therefore extremely hard to detect).

Chuck Mindenhall of MMAFighting wrote a fitting eulogy, which you can check out here.

The UFC, meanwhile, released this statement on their fallen warrior:

The Ultimate Fighting Championship mourns the tragic loss heavyweight competitor Shane del Rosario, who died at age 30. Del Rosario suffered a heart attack on Tuesday, Nov. 26, as a result of what doctors believe to be a congenital heart disorder, according to his manager Jason House. The entire organization sends its deepest condolences to Shane’s family and friends.

Life can be short and tragic, but we should always strive to remember those who have gone by the mark they left upon us. Shane Del Rosario was a badass in the cage, and by all accounts, a great guy outside of it. Let’s never forget him.