MMA blogs and websites are so 2003, man. All the cool MMA content is coming through Twitter, Youtube, and Facebook nowadays. Proof: Tommy Toe Hold. More proof? A Facebook page called When We Were Bouncers:

Every Monday, actor/stuntman/fighter Paul “The Mauler” Lazenby presents CRAZY stories from former security personnel who became actors, fighters, comedians, stuntmen and other standouts in their chosen fields! Follow on Twitter @FamousBouncers!

Renzo Gracie’s is called ‘WHEN I WAS FOURTEEN YEARS OLD, I was a bouncer in a whorehouse in the Amazon.’


This was in the city of Manaus, in Brazil, where me and a very good friend of mine were living. I was fourteen and he was sixteen, and we raised some money to go to the “ladies’ house.” But when we get there and we sit down to wait for a room to be vacant, a huge problem arise.

A guy, he didn’t wanna pay and it was a mess. He started pushing the ladies around, so the bouncer came in, an older guy. And when the bouncer came in, the guy head butt him and knock him out! And I just think, “Oh, man, this is it! I was able to put the money together to come here and enjoy a good time, and now this guy’s gonna ruin everything!”

So I look at my friend and I say, “You shoot on the legs, I am gonna choke him out”. So my friend shot on his legs and grabbed them, and I jump on his back and choke him out! And after I choke him, I grab his wallet and I pay the lady what he owe, and then I wake him up and kick him out. Tell him not to come back.

When the bouncer woke up, he saw what happened, and right away he ask us to work there with him. So we did work there, helping him. In reality it was a great thing, because before that I didn’t [have anything] to eat, anywhere to sleep, and they hook me up with everything. I stayed there for three months and a half, and I not only work as a bouncer in a nice house, but they even give me the ladies’ service for free! It was unbelievable! (laughs)

This pretty much sums up Renzo’s brand of bouncing:

Whenever I work in that place, that was my job — when a problem had no solution, I would come [wearing no identification] to beat them up and leave… and even the other security guys didn’t know what happened! Only the head of security knows, because he was a very good friend of mine and I was always giving him a hand. (laughs) Some unbelievable moments I had!

My God this Renzo.

(pic via MMA Weekly)