Renzo Gracie has been helping his brothers prepare for their ONE FC fights in August, and it sounds like all that training has gotten his competitive juices flowing:

“To push them I’ve got to get myself in shape too. Today we did like eight rounds and then we did three more rounds of grappling. So even if I don’t want to, I get in shape, and if I get in shape, I want to fight,” Gracie revealed when speaking to MMAWeekly Radio. “So I’m really looking forward to being back in there real soon.”

“That’s a possibility. In my life I learned one thing, impossible is nothing,” Gracie stated about possibly competing at UFC 153.

“For sure, if I have an opportunity I’ll be there. If it’s not on this next one, believe it’s going to be on a future one.”

Renzo is still technically a part of the UFC’s roster, even though his only fight was that brutal shin-kicking at the hands of Matt Hughes in Abu Dhabi. He’s got five fights left on a six fight contract, but those are extremely theoretical fights and he’ll be lucky if he manages to get one. I imagine a scenario where Gracie calls Joe Silva about a fight and gets transfered over to Lorenzo Fertitta, who tries to break the news to him that he’s too damn old to compete any more. Lorenzo is a year younger than Renzo, by the way.

But in the spirit of playing along and not being a complete Negative Nancy, here’s a few gentle fights for Renzo that could be interesting:

  • Akiyama
  • Amir Sadollah
  • Royce Gracie

That last one would be the ultimate old school showdown – Gracie vs Gracie in Brazil. Do it for the spirit of competition. For the honor of the sport. For the sick, sick, pay per view buys. Do it so both Gracies get this insane desire to fight in the UFC out of their system. So they don’t end up getting their asses kicked by some kid that’s 20+ years younger than them.