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Renzo Gracie talks about Chael Sonnen. Surprisingly, the Brazilian thinks Chael needs to be more respectful:

“I don’t like this kind of provocation because you end up losing respect. Where I come from, it smells blood. If a person offends you, so he must raise his fists whenever he see you. Because a fight will start wherever we are. So I think we have to treat opponents with respect.”

“Sonnen was smart. He lost the fight, he was caught using drugs. But still, people seem to forget this. Everyone just talk about these provocations. He turned those provocations into something so big that it swallowed the problems he had. He is a tough fighter, but I think Anderson will win it again.”

“Humor is a higher form of intelligence. Unfortunately not everyone can do it. You may want to be Ali, but there was only one Ali. Chael lost the class when he said he will slap on the ass of Anderson’s wife.”

“If someone say this from my wife, where we meet in this life, I’ll bite the unfortunate who spoke this. So I am against this kind of provocation. I hope no one ever do this to me, because the thing will go in a completely wrong direction.”