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Don’t forget, the first episode of “The Ultimate Fighter 13: Lesnar vs dos Santos” kicks off at 9PM EST tonight on SpikeTV.  Once more into the breach, dear friends… for the 13th time, we’ll witness the fitness and low alcohol tolerance of a bunch of modern warriors hungry for a UFC contract.  Only 4 of the 14 contestants have less than half a dozen fights on their records, and most are heavy on finishes, so hopefully that’s a good sign… but I’d be surprised if there isn’t at least one or two sloppy gas-fests.

Who knows what kind of wacky hijinks the guys will get up to in the house, but if you’re expecting any of the kind of confrontations and pseudo-manufactured drama between the coaches that we’ve seen on previous seasons, you’ll be disappointed.  Both Brock and Junior say that it was all respectful and professional between them, and apart from when they were both present at the fights, they spent maybe “a total of 30 minutes” with each other.  Junior claims Brock was “actually a pretty nice guy,” and basically, neither of them have anything bad to say about each other.  Well I hope we’ll still get to see what Brock can do with one of those flimsy doors at the TUF gym.

As Brock admitted in a great interview with the ubiquitous Ariel Halwani, it not surprisingly took “quite a bit” of convincing from Dana White to coax him out of his cave for 6 weeks, but he’s now glad he did it, and it sounds like he even came to enjoy coaching.  I must admit, I had my doubts about what kind of a coach he’d make… I’ve always felt bad for the poor bastards that get stuck with shitty coaches like Rampage and Ken Shamrock (and to a lesser extent, Matt Hughes)… but now I’m thinking we just might be pleasantly impressed with Lesnar.  Here’s hoping the fighters are actually impressive too.

Check out the “Countdown to TUF 13” promo clip in all its auto-play glory on the official site HERE.