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We’re still a long way away from sorting out how to deal with all those pesky blows to the head fighters take that seem to turn their brains to mush, but thanks to Reebok we’re closer to knowing exactly how many blows it takes before things get mushy.

At CES 2013, mc10 and Reebok revealed the Checklight, a product built to help protect athletes who play football, hockey and other impact sports. Today, you can purchase one of your very own in men’s, women’s or children’s sizes for $149.99 from Reebok’s website. For your money, you get the sensor strip, a skull cap to keep it snug on your noggin and a micro-USB charger to keep it powered up.

For those who’ve forgotten, the Checklight’s a head impact indicator powered by mc10’s flexible electronics technology that gives athletes and medical personnel simple, actionable information about impacts to the wearer’s head. It’s not a concussion detector, per se, but it does provide information about the location, number and intensity of impacts to your dome — so it’s a valuable tool that can help identify those in danger and keep them out of harm’s way. Well worth $150, we’d say.

We’re not gonna be seeing any fighers wearing this thing in the Octagon any time soon but I’d love to find out what an average evening of gorilla rape fist fucking (also known as ‘training’) adds up to at a place like Chute Boxe.

(thanks to Greg Rubin for the find!)