And things for the Heavyweight Grand Prix go from bad to really bad:

On Friday, Cormier’s hand goes into a cast for the next six to eight weeks. During that time he plans to work on improving his kicks and his cardio, he said, but even when the cast comes off he doesn’t know how long it will be before he’s able to “start punching” and get back into full training and sparring mode.

It’s a difficult situation, since he doesn’t want to rush it and end up re-injuring himself. Then again, he knows Strikeforce wants to wrap up the Grand Prix in the first quarter of 2012, which means he needs to be ready to fight fellow finalist Josh Barnett by then or else risk being replaced.

“This is terrible for me, man,” Cormier said. “This is worst-case scenario. With when they want the fight to happen, and me being the kind of guy who wants to deliver those type of fights, to have an injury like this. The thing that makes it so difficult is, I think Josh is so good. I need to have a ten-week training camp to prepare for that fight, so this is worst-case scenario for me.”

It all comes down to how long the UFC decides to keep Strikeforce around. Considering how poorly the semi-finals did, it wouldn’t be all that surprising if we witness a shocking third round abortion of the whole thing. Just give Josh Barnett a bowling trophy and that tacky tape belt and call it a day.