He slices, he dices, he punches pregnant women in the belly, he even defrauds your grandmother! Is there anything Todd Beard won’t do?

Brown said the scam involved dozens of telephone salespeople at the four companies who persuaded people to buy home safety products for far more than they were worth by telling victims they had won expensive prizes.

To collect the prizes, victims were told, they had to buy the products, such as bacterial spray, an emergency kit or flame retardant spray. Victims were told to send hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars for prizes and products worth much less.

“They targeted the elderly because they were the most vulnerable,” Brown said. “They were usually partially or fully senile, widowed and alone with no close family around. . . . They grew up in an era when if someone promised you something, more times than not they followed through, so they trusted.”

Bowman’s role was to make the initial calls to potential victims. He earned the company $110,000. Beard made follow-up calls to people who had been duped once to try and dupe them again. He brought in $350,000.

I’ve been saying this guy’s clothing company is downright criminal for a while. Sure, we all cry about the elderly getting fucked over but what about the poor meatheads and guidos who have been tricked into forking over thousands of dollars for ‘fashionable’ clothing? Won’t someone please think of the ginos!

Seriously now … what’s next? Baby seal clubbing or having sex with a 15 year old?