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When I was a kid, after football practice we’d go to my friend’s house, take all our shit off, eat something, and hang out and play Super Mario Bros or whatever. That was our ritual. That meant there were three filthy cups lying on the floor of my friend’s bedroom. He had a younger brother, probably four years old at the time. And when he had the bad sense to enter that room, we’d hold him down and put one of the nasty ass cups on his face like we were paramedics administering oxygen to a needy patient.

Not our proudest moment in retrospect, but now a grown man, and to the best of my knowledge he’s not a serial killer, so no harm no foul, I suppose. But still, it’s an awfully foul thing to subject another human being to. A cup is even more of a personal item than a toothbrush. It should never be shared with another person, for any reason whatsoever.

But what’s a fighter to do when they forgot their cup and it’s time to walk out to the cage? Well, they have little choice but to borrow from a friend. That’s the unenviable situation Rashad Evans found himself in at UFC 88. Set to face the legendary Chuck Liddell in the biggest fight of his life, Rashad had to borrow his buddy Nate Marquardt’s cup.

Nate fought Martin Kampmann that night and knocked him out in a little over a minute. I suppose that can be used as a justification for Rashad. At least it wasn’t a 15 minute grueling war where if you threw a carrot and an onion in the cup you’d have a bowl of soup afterward. Nate barely broke a sweat in the fight. Barely being the key word. Rashad described the cup as “wet,” and “stinky.” I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and assume the “stinky” part is an assumption, and that he didn’t give it the ole sniff test, cause no one is that gross, right?