You can remove Rashad Evans from the Anderson Silva sweepstakes. The light heavyweight fighter fired up MMA fans by tweeting he ‘wanted 2 pick a fight lol’ with Andy, but alas:

“He has no plans to drop to 185,” manager Glenn Robinson of Authentic Sports Management today told ( via text.

“He is just saying he’s not afraid to fight anyone,” Robinson wrote.

This is really too bad because who else is there right now? We’re back to a list of guys who may be top of the middleweight pile but don’t really pose an obvious threat to The Spider. Mark Munoz is a wrestler who isn’t likely to make the same stupid mistakes as Chael Sonnen, and Michael Bisping is trying to talk his way into a title shot, but neither offers much in the way of a credible challenge.

And then there’s Jon Jones. Lemme preface this by saying I know now is not the time for Jones and Silva to fight – there’s a right way and a wrong way to superfight it up and rushing Jones in before he has a few more transcendent performances of his own is just silly. But check out his reasoning and tell me it doesn’t make you puke a little in your mouth:

“It’s not that he won’t fight me or I won’t fight him. To be dead honest, it’s that we both have a lot to lose and we both respect each other a lot and we both are striving for personal greatness. I don’t want to crack on his greatness and I don’t want him cracking on my greatness.

“We’re in completely different weight classes. We both have sponsor deals and things that are really important to us and a big part of that sponsorship package is being a winning-being a champion. Having us fight each other means one of our championships goes away.

“I respect Anderson Silva so much that I don’t want to be the guy to beat him. I don’t want to lose to him either. It’s a lose-lose situation for me.”

Something tells me we’re going to be hearing a lot more of this kind of sh*t from fighters down the road. Yay, success!