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The hunt for Anderson Silva’s next opponent is on and while Chris Weidman is standing right there pointing double thumbs at himself, the UFC continues to look anywhere for somebody else. That somebody just might be Rashad Evans, if (and this is a pretty big if) Rashad gets past Lil Nog tonight. Several big websites have been stumping for the 205 pound contender, and now Evans has expressed his interest:

“I would [take a fight against Anderson Silva] in a minute. To get a chance to fight Anderson is a huge opportunity. He is the best guy in the sport, I don’t know if anybody in the sport would eclipse his record, and do what he has done in the sport. For me to get a chance to compete against one of the greats, and to beat him. You can’t beat that. I think [I can make 185 lbs]. Before I even dedicated myself to taking the fight for sure, I would get some kind of an idea if I can even make it.”

So he would take it in a minute … the minute he knows he can hit 185 pounds, which is who knows when. But considering how hard the UFC has been leaning on Cris Cyborg to drop a weight class (who gives a shit about her unborn babies anyways?) I bet Dana White would announce that fight at the post-event press conference if he could.