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Randy Couture’s response to Dana White’s eternal hatred has been pretty disappointing from my POV as a gossip blogger. Here I was hoping for more pissed off rants to fuel the fire of a White / Couture feud for months to come. Instead, Randy thanked Dana for all the free publicity and since then has been slowly and reasonably explaining his side of negotiations. Here’s some more of the finer points regarding his deal:

“I have to clarify that because my deal is with Spike.  It’s for TV shows, both scripted and unscripted potential shows.  I’ve never been to Bellator.  That was the first time I’ve ever met Bjorn (Rebney), was at the press conference, so I’m not involved in any way, shape, or form with Bellator, just to clarify that,” Couture told Knockout Radio, an MMAWeekly.com official content partner.

“My deal is to train athletes for this reality show that will get the opportunity to fight in the tournament for Bellator, and that’s about the extent of my commitment, at least at this stage of things, with the organization and the promotion of Bellator,” Couture added.

“I think that is a distinction that is largely misunderstood and maybe lost on Dana (White).  He’s not one for details.  But at the end of the day, that’s the reality of it.”

“I think there are some opportunities for some scripted series.  Spike wants to develop some new stuff that’s their own, their own cable-type shows.  You’ve seen FX and a lot of other places that are developing those types of things: The Walking Dead, Justified.  There’s a ton of shows like that out there that are scripted television that are fun.  I enjoy a lot of those shows, so if I get the opportunity to continue to refine and hone my acting skills in that type of setting, it would be crazy for me not to get on board and be part of it,” he said.

So it’s official: Spike jangled the shiny ball of acting in front of Randy Couture and he jumped for it. Not a surprise considering he’ll act in anything. You could tell him you’re making a small indie film that involves him having sex with seven other forty nine year old men and he probably wouldn’t even ask why there weren’t any cameras in the motel room. Proof? Scorpion King 2. Oh, and this:

No Rules – randy couture& frank shamrock Part 1 by chuteboxe57