Just when we thought all was said and done in the ongoing Randy Couture-Dana White drama, Randy got on SiriusXM radio to play the jilted lover over Matt Hughes’ new cushy corporate position, suggesting the hire was a “fuck you” from Dana White:

I tried like hell to get them to keep me with the company in some significant way and they had nothing for me.  I made them aware that this offer had come on to the table, that this TV thing was heating up for me and that there some significant offers being pushed to me but I had to sign a non-disclosure agreement to even hear those pitches and could not tell them specifically what was going on or who was offering what.

In my professional estimation, they had an opportunity to keep me, to use me, they chose not to, and a week later after this whole thing leaks, they give a job to Matt Hughes in a significant fashion and, you know, frankly that was a big “fuck you” to me from Dana and that’s exactly what he intended to do.

According to Randy, he had been looking for a “significant” position in the UFC since he retired in 2011 and that he made clear his dissatisfaction with merely doing four FOX broadcasts a year … but that doesn’t really seem that bad considering he’s the same guy who abandoned the belt in 1997 and then held it hostage trying to bail and fight Fedor in 2007.

What confuses me is that he’s complaining about career-long company man Matt Hughes getting a “significant” job which basically amounts to a paycheck and vague “fighter mentoring” duties.  Randy, meanwhile, walked away from broadcasting fights on network television … to take a job on Spike.  The whole thing kind of sucks.

It’s just like when your two friends are dating and then start breaking up and getting back together every other week.  You know it’s never going to work but you really just wish it didn’t have to be such a shitshow.  Randy felt under-appreciated so Dana turns around and hooks up with his best friend.  So it goes.