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Paul Daley is supposed to be fighting in Bellator, but visa issues have forced him to feast on scrubs in his native UK for the time being.  He tried calling out Marcus Davis to no avail, probably because Davis is prepping for his own Bellator debut on March 21st (on the undercard, for shame).  Enter a warm body named Patrick Vallee, sporting a record of 9-4 with 3 losses in his last 5 fights.  This video starts late in the 2nd round, but the word is Vallee was basically playing keep-away, so only the money-shot and subsequent celebration are worth watching.

Afterwards, Daley declared himself “the UK’s pound-for-pound best fighter”.  Well hey, I hear Che Mills might be available these days to test that theory.  There’s also talk that Daley will return to kickboxing at Glory 5 on March 23rd (headlined by Bonjasky vs Spong), but his name is nowhere to be found on the Glory website, so who knows.

After the jump, Miguel “Mikey” Saenz suffers a delayed reaction KO at the hands foot of fellow bushleague noob Vaughn Govia at South Texas FC 24.  Enjoy!

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