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Even before Rampage Jackson went off the deep end and started telling everyone who would listen that the UFC sucks and he wants out, an old opponent from the PRIDE days already smelled the blood in the water.  A couple days after UFC 144, Shogun Rua told Tatame that he’d “absolutely” like to rematch Rampage.

“The fight against Rampage will happen eventually. It’s inevitable and UFC knows it. He won’t retire before fighting me and neither am I.” (laughs)

Obviously, Shogun is again looking to recover from a tough loss by asking for a favorable rematch with a fading opponent.  Considering that Rampage got his ass kicked in under five minutes last time, and has been underwhelming for a couple years now, I have to think the odds would be on Rua even without the benefit of soccer-kicks.  Rampage tweeted that he’s hoping for Shogun too, and after watching him pull a spoiled brat routine for a few weeks, I’m totally down with giving them their wish.  And so is Dana White:

As reported on Fuel TV’s UFC Tonight, UFC President Dana White has revealed that disgruntled former UFC light heavyweight champion Quinton “Rampage” Jackson will face another former champ, Mauricio “Shogun” Rua.

The stellar pairing will be a rematch of their 2005 PRIDE bout, which Rua won by knockout. The bout is the last of Jackson’s UFC contract, and he and the UFC are expected to part ways after the fight, which doesn’t have a site or date yet.

Rampage and Dana have publicly butted heads before and managed to kiss and make up in the end, but it’s definitely not a good sign when your employer’s official statement says you’re disgruntled and expected to leave.  So unless he does to Shogun what he did to Wanderlei Silva at UFC 92, this is probably his last fight with the UFC.

Check out “Rampage vs Shogun I” above, which went down in the opening round of the PRIDE 2005 Middleweight Grand Prix.  Rua was considered an underdog coming into the tournament, but challenged Rampage to seek revenge for a controversial split decision win over Shogun’s brother “Ninja” two months before.  Shogun went on to decision Little Nog and knockout Alistair Overeem v1.0 and Ricardo Arona to win the GP, and establish himself as an elite light heavyweight.