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Besides the idea of Anderson Silva learning effective striking from a chubby washed-up movie star who runs like a girl, the other big news coming out of UFC 126 was that Jon Jones’s reward for dismantling Ryan Bader is a short-notice shot at Shogun’s belt, replacing the injured Rashad Evans at UFC 128 on March 19th.

Well yesterday Shogun added an interesting tidbit to the story when he told Tatame that Jones was Plan B, and the fight was first offered to and turned down by Rampage Jackson.  While Shogun says he doesn’t know why Rampage declined, Rampage says he ought to, and Rampage is right.  Is it because he’s too fat?  Brother, does Brock Lesnar shit in the woods?

“I don’t care who the opponent is,” Jackson said in an exclusive interview with MMAjunkie.com. “I’m not taking a fight on four weeks’ notice.”

“It’s not enough time to get ready for a five-round fight,” Jackson said. “Dana knows that. And ‘Shogun,’ he’s a fighter, and he should know that. He shouldn’t even go and say [expletive] like that with him being a fighter. He saw me at the fight this weekend. Everybody saw how big I am.”

“I’m just doing maintenance training right now,” Jackson said. “I just started back. I fought right before the holidays, and I went on vacation to see my family and took my kids to see their family in Japan.

“I’ve been living my life, so I gained a lot of weight. I’m a natural fighter. I don’t do any drugs, and I don’t know any high-performance drugs, so I have a natural body. My body gains weight when I don’t train and I don’t eat like I’m in camp.”

“I’m 250 pounds, and I would have to lose 45 pounds in, what, three or four weeks?” he said. “The first time I fought ‘Shogun,’ I was injured going into that fight, and it’s haunted me all the way up to now. I always believed the second time I fight ‘Shogun’ that I’m going to be close to 100 percent as possible.

“I don’t want to have a rushed camp and have a last-minute fight to fight someone who’s already beaten me. Even if they offered me Forrest [Griffin] or Rashad [Evans] in four weeks, I can’t take that fight because I’m too big.”

Actually it’s 6 weeks notice, but whatever.  Point is, Rampage is already slated to take on Thiago Silva at UFC 130 on May 28th, and that’s still 16 weeks away, so of course he hasn’t even gotten his fat ass on the treadmill yet, let alone actually training.  So he’s basically admitting what we already know, that he’s not the kind of fighter who stays in halfway decent shape between camps.  But that’s because he’s “a natural fighter” you understand, not out of laziness.

Add in the fact that Dana White has already said “Rampage is probably next in line” for a title shot if he beats Silva, and one can understand why he would rather wait.  Not to mention what Shogun did to him when they met at PRIDE Total Elimination 2005.  Watch that with Ranallo/Bas/Baroni commentary above, or with Rage Against The Machine dubbed over strange foreign jibberish HERE if you prefer.