Good news, Quinton Jackson! You are no longer the only guy to go absolutely bananas from ‘exhaustion and dehydration.’ Here’s Jason Russell, the guy behind that Kony 2012 mega-viral video, doing the good ol nekkid pavement slap dance after the stress of the internet’s Eye of Sauron cracked him.

Initially, he was allegedly arrested for masturbating in public and vandalizing cars, but, according to later reports, he was never charged of anything, he was just hospitalized and placed on involuntary psychiatric hold.

In a public statement, Russell’s wife said that no alcohol or other illicit substances were involved, blaming her husband’s meltdown on “extreme exhaustion and dehydration.”

I’m actually kinda disappointed that stories of Russell jacking it were greatly exaggerated. But the video is still some of the greatest stuff I’ve ever seen. So in TMZ fashion: WHO ROCKED THE DEHYDRATION BETTER? RUSSELL OR RAMPAGE OR DEMI??????