Rampage Jackson is obviously a little crazy. So when I hear accusations from him that he’s got a spy in his camp, you’ll forgive me if I start out a bit skeptical. Let’s work through this article from Yahoo Sports laying things out:

Jackson said he first became wary about a spy in his camp during the days prior to his May 29, 2010, fight at UFC 114 in Las Vegas with Rashad Evans. He said he injured his knee in training, but kept it quiet and let no one know. He was pleased when the injury never found its way into the media.

Yet, Jackson said that during the fight, Evans punched him repeatedly on the injured knee.

“In all my years of fighting, I’d never been punched in the knee before and I never saw anyone punch someone in the knee,” Jackson said.

Eeeh, a little flimsy right there…

He said that made him wary that someone in his camp had been disloyal. But it wasn’t until recently, when he received a message from a fan on Twitter telling him that Jones had a spy in Jackson’s camp, that he began to consider it a possibility.

Oh yeah, twitter tip. Sounds legit.

It prompted him to make up the story about the injured hand to see where it would go.

Jackson said that four hours after he first made mention of the supposed injury, Silva, who was attending UFC 134 in Brazil, called his manager, Anthony McGann, to inquire. When McGann assured Silva that Jackson was not injured, he asked where Silva had heard the information.

To Jackson, the response was predictable: Silva said he had gotten a call from Jones’ manager Malki Kawa

Oh snap! Now that’s some caught red handed shit right there, son. Kawa denies the whole thing, saying he got the news through twitter, but when it takes four hours for news to leave your lips and come back to you via your opponent’s management, something is up. Then again, something is probably up a lot more often than fans would think…