I think we’re all in agreement that Jon Jones’ kicks to the knee are kinda cheapsauce. But Rampage Jackson goes even further than that and wants to see them (amongst other things) ruled illegal:

“It should be called the illegal kick. It should be banned and it shows a lot about the fighter’s character that he would throw it. How would he like it if somebody threw it at him and stopped him working for a year? I thought it was an illegal move. I think spinning elbows should be illegal too because they land on the back of the head. But I appreciate a good fight, a good scrap, I just wonder which rule fighters will bend next.”

I doubt Rampage would be in such a quick mood to rewrite the rulebooks if someone pointed out half his slams have technically been spikes. Let’s face it: we’re in a sport where there are a lot of moves specifically designed to hurt someone really bad. As a general rule of thumb, we’re trying to keep this shit ‘ultimate’ … which means as few rules as possible. While I’d be open to an ‘oblique kick’ ban if fighters start sliding into each other like baseball players going for home base and breaking legs backwards on the regular, it hasn’t happened yet. So let’s not get crazy and start adding rules that aren’t really needed. That wouldn’t be very Ultimate at all.