Sometimes people take the crap they read in fighter interviews way too seriously. A guy utters some random crap while answering a leading question and all of a sudden everyone takes what was said as the ultimate 100% carved in stone truth. A lot of times guys are just talkin, and there’s not all that much behind things.

That’s what we figured was up with Quinton Rampage Jackson last week when he started talking about doing some boxing. After all, he had already asked to fight on the UFC’s Japan card in February. How exactly was he going to get some boxing in? But now it looks like Rampage’s plan is starting to hatch:

Jackson has started work on his first opponent, challenging NBA star Ron Artest – who now goes by the name Metta World Peace – to a charity boxing match.

“Hey Metta World Peace you a beast on the court…We can box a few rounds for charity,” Jackson wrote on his Twitter account Monday.

Artest responded on his own Twitter writing, “Rampage gonna test my chin for charity!! This will be the biggest heavyweight fight outside (Klitschko) and Haye!”

Chances of anything coming of this? Low. If my constant sexual harassment of females on twitter has taught me anything, it’s that it’s very hard to set up real life encounters via tweets. Even if you say you’re going to wait outside @GinaCarano’s home with ‘a sexy surprise in store 4 U!’

Then there’s the UFC, who are notorious killjoys when it comes to stuff like this. Sure, a charity boxing match between Rampage and Meta World Something Something would be a great publicity stunt. But I’m sure some pencil pusher is gonna veto it all because the last thing they wanna do is fuel Rampage’s dumb boxing plan. Which is too bad, because this sounds like a fun idea.