In case you missed it – and you’re a damn fool if you did because, hey, free MMA – Bellator 108 was last night, and the marquee bout featured a dude who used to howl before and after his fights and be subject to insane amounts of racism when he fought in PRIDE. That’s right, I’m talking about Quinton “Rampage” Jackson (yeah, yeah, he used to be a UFC champ, too – so what?). Anyway, since Bellator’s ill-fated pay-per-view foray did not happen thanks to Tito Ortiz being decapitated, Rampage got to face another Octagon castoff in the form of Joey Beltran, and it went down something like this…

Courtesy of MMALinker:

Round One:

Beltran using lots of footwork early, circling away. Rampage cuts him off at the cage closing the distance with a knee and a hook, then pinning Beltran against the cage. Beltran spins him against the cage, Rampage lands some short shots to the body. Beltran throws some hooks at Rampage, Rampage covers up and blocks them. Beltran continues to circle away – Rampage stands at the center of the cage throwing his hands up in the air. Beltran comes forward with a left hook. Rampage with a low kick. Beltran catches a low kick and tries to punish Rampage, but Page covers up and blocks most of the punches. Beltran then clinches with Rampage against the cage and they exchange short knees. Beltran changes levels and looks for a take down but Rampage defends. Beltran continues to drive Rampage into the cage throwing a high volume of short strikes. Rampage breaks free momentarily and wings some heavy punches at Beltran but Beltran is able to close the distance once again, putting Rampage back against the cage. Rampage breaks free and they reset in the center of the cage with 20 seconds left to go. Rampage throws a left hook followed by a low kick. He hears the 10 second mark and Rampage goes CRAZY, charging forward landing a knee to the mid section as Beltran backs into the cage. Rampage comes forward with hooks catching Beltran sending him to the ground. He follows up, swarming on him. Rampage lands another hard shot as Beltran was on his knees and the referee stops the fight!

Quinton “Rampage” Jackson def. Joey Beltran via TKO (strikes) at 4:59 in round 1.

Hooray for old fighters winning! And hooray for Bjorn Rebney, who Rampage thanked profusely afterwards, and even credited him with healing his long-injured knees. So does this mean that Rebney has healing powers…?