Jacob Volkmann is a man of strong convictions and varied interests. He’s a fighter, chiropractor, student, wrestling coach, and pugnacious political critic. He’s been visited by the United States Secret Service for saying he wanted to fight Barack Obama, wore a t-shirt declaring “Volkmann for President,” been suspended from his job as a wrestling coach for his all-too-public political critiques, and most gravely, been labeled a “boring fighter” by MMA fans.

Maybe it has something to do with his five straight wrestling-centric decision wins since moving down to 155 in 2010. I don’t know, fans can be funny that way. You know what other perennial fan favorite once had five straight wrestling-centric decision victories? Yep, you guessed it, Jon Fitch. But according to Volkmann, fans don’t know dick, and he doesn’t give a shit about our ignorant opinions of just what constitutes an exciting fight. Jacob spoke to The Score and offered his unfiltered thoughts on fans that have the temerity to buy a UFC event hoping to see a little action:

“I don’t understand why people say my fights are boring. It’s just a different style. People don’t understand the technical style and then other people don’t like my fights and write on the Internet and it really frustrates me. People that understand fighting, that understand there’s technique behind what I’m doing, they’re the ones who think the fights are exciting.”

“You know there’s some fat turds out there having his heyday because he has a forum and wants to write some bad stuff about me, but he doesn’t understand the sport. I really don’t care about those guys.”

Volkman apparently fails to make a distinction between a seminar and a fight. At a seminar, yes people are paying for detailed breakdowns on various techniques. With a fight, people are paying to be entertained, and that means action. Sure, many of us do appreciate solid technique, but solid technique alone ain’t buttering the bread. Using that technique to generate a little action not only butters, but toasts and sprinkles a little mozzarella on that bitch as well.

Volkmann is a top notch wrestler, there’s no question about that, and his 5-1 record at lightweight speaks for itself, but there’s a reason he gets buried on the Facebook portion of events, and it’s because giving a shit rolls downhill. I can assure him, Dana White, Lorenzo Fertitta, and Joe Silva give a shit that the fans give a shit. For that reason alone, it might actually behoove Jacob to give a shit, a big one, or a fat turd if that’s his preference.