First they tried to sell us on Rampage versus Tito Ortiz, telling us that it would headline Bellator’s first-ever pay-per-view event and that it would be all kinds of awesome. Then Ortiz broke his neck or something, and everyone was left wondering, “Great, but does this mean we’re still going to have to watch Rampage fight again?” Well, the answer is yes, and to make that “yes” an emphatic one, it’s just been announced that the former UFC champ-turned-UFC castoff will be facing another Octagon refugee in Joey Beltran.

Yes, the same Joey Beltran who lost in the UFC earlier this month. The same Joey Beltran who hasn’t won a fight since April, 2012. The same Joey Beltran who… ah, you get the point. Anyway, props to Bellator for finding two guys who still bear the scent of defeat on them and pitting them against each other.