Another great article from the Atlantic, this one focusing on Quinton Jackson before his loss to Forrest Griffin. Check out the shit that made Jackson become a born again Christian: a dream and an ad for an amusement park.

Jackson woke up one night in the middle of a terrifying dream. The devil had his hands on his chest and was preparing to remove his soul. “He had some female spirits around him and he was saying ‘It’s okay,'” Jackson says, his eyes widening at the memory. “Then I heard this strong voice say, ‘Do you know this man?’ And I was like, ‘No.’ He said, ‘It’s not okay.’ And I woke up and grabbed my chest and made a noise that I’d never made before in my life.”

The fighter woke up gasping for air, and spent the next few weeks feeling increasingly frightened and alienated. Some time later, Jackson suffered another moment of chest-gripping terror that was triggered by a radio ad for a Universal Studios theme-park attraction after he had dropped his son D’Angelo off at preschool. “The first thing it said was ‘The curse of’ something—I can’t remember,” Jackson recalls. “And it says, ‘Your soul is mine.'” The voice weirdly echoed Jackson’s dream, and left the fighter feeling even more freaked out. “Later on, when I turned the radio back on, when I got used to being a Christian,” he remembers, “I said, ‘Oh, that’s a damn commercial for the Revenge of the Mummy ride.'”

It seems like every time I post something about Rampage, it starts like this: “I like Quinton Jackson a lot, BUT…” Yep, I like Quinton Jackson a lot. BUT HE’S FUCKING CRAZY. Like, probably family history of mental illness crazy. He lists dreams about the devil and ads for a lame roller coaster ride as KEY MOMENTS in his spiritual evolution. Add that to the number of times he’s gone off the deep end (that we know about) and holy shit man. Something is not right.