Jake and I are going to be spending the majority of the weekend at an event called PodCamp Montreal, it’s like a new media conference (or ‘unconference’ as they call it, which I suspect just means it’s gonna be generally disorganized – I like their style!) on blogging, podcasting, and all the other stuff we do. Jake is doing a presentation on freemium (free with premium, our current particular brand of business model), and I’ll be hoping to find some people who’ve ‘been there done that’ who can hopefully show me how to become rich off the webs. So I’m sorry peeps for what may end up being another woefully under-covered fight weekend.

As a side note though the chat will go up at 8:45PM EST (rememeber the UFC 103 prelims are on SpikeTV at 9PM) for your enjoyment and I’ve given the other writers the keys to the place. So there will still be some stuff going on here.