UFC on FOX: Koscheck v Hendricks

Shocking news from up north! Johny Hendricks is being forced to trim his beard:

And for those who know Hendricks, they know the importance of the facial hair:

For Hendricks, who fights Josh Koscheck at Saturday’s UFC on FOX 3, the beard means business. It’s been a training camp ritual since 2008; whenever he gets an opponent, the razor blade goes back in the drawer for a couple of months. The thicker it gets, the more time he’s devoted to the pre-fight work.

“What it does, it reminds me that I have something, a goal that I’m trying to reach, and that’s a fight,” he said. “Whenever I go in there and do my job, win or lose, I go home and then I shave it. And then the next morning, I wake up, and I’m still in fight mode, and I get to the bathroom and check the mirror, and I’m clean shaven. At that moment it hits me, and everything goes away. I become a dad, everything’s over, it’s time for family. It’s a good stress reliever.”

No word on if this was something the Quebec commission forced him to do on their own or a lame tactic from Condit’s camp. Not like it will affect much – he just had to trim the thing, not cut it right off. But still, not cool Commission. Not cool.

OK, never mind. Keep the beard.